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Our mission is to help business owners achieve their business goals by taking control of their finances.

We know the key to any successful business is having a clear strategic plan and effective accounting processes. By developing plans and implementing efficient systems, we have helped our clients significantly increase their sales numbers and profits within a short amount of time.


It has been a please working with Beatrice for several years. I have referred her to a variety of construction companies over the years, all of whom are also glowing in their praise and appreciation in taking their businesses to the next level.

Beatrice also collaborated with me in developing one of our courses for Project Accounting and Cost Control. She has brought extensive knowledge and decades of experience as an accountant in the construction industry. Participants of our courses have learned how to
design and read various financial reports, in particular cash flow, balance sheet and project budget vs actual, to help them improve their financial systems.

Beatrice has helped many business owners, project managers and accountants to develop and understand the accounting processes in construction projects, from budgeting and job costing to change orders and close out processes.

- Tim Williams MBA, B.Econ, GSC, CPA President 


Beatrice was referred to us at a time when our construction company began to experience a sudden growth and needed a better way to process all our accounting measures from A/P, A/R, bank reconciliation, payroll & remittances. Our collaboration started as a small project to review the systems we had in place; we quickly extended our contract as we saw the valued expertise that Beatrice provides. We now have precise and practical systems in place including cash flow projections & forecasting.


Beatrice has not only streamlined the accounting process and implemented systems to perfectly fit the needs of our company, she was also instrumental in assisting with the opening and start-up of our service company.

- Aniello (Nello) Manzo 


I am pleased to offer this reference for Beatrice Tincu for her accounting and business consultant services. As a leader in the commercial and industrial mechanical industry with a growth strategy, our Company needed an accounting professional with the skills and acuity to streamline our accounting and project management processes to be able to confidently expand our services.We initially hired Beatrice on a six-month contract to review our accounting system and prepare for the upcoming year end. Her attention to detail and problem-solving skills went a long way to elevating our processes and making them much more efficient.


Based on her success in bringing our processes up to industry standards, we extended Beatrice’s contract to become and integral part of the team and resource for the Company. She went above and beyond with her work and assisted Pacific Mechanical in implementing new accounting processes to assist our board of directors in business and financial planning for the following fiscal year. We were extremely pleased when she implemented a month-end process, introduced annual budgets, and quarterly performance reporting to the board of directors. Beatrice trained and mentored our junior and senior employees, giving them the tools to understand and perform the newly implemented processes, so they could be independent and successful in implementing them.

- Marcello Amoruso , President


Beatrice has been in charge of setting up our books and managing all of our accounts for the past ten years. We appreciate her diligence, attention to detail, as well as her availability to answer our questions. It has been a great pleasure working with her. 

Construction business can be a challenging environment which requires special project accounting skills. Beatrice demonstrates mastery of these skills, as well as thorough knowledge of the industry requirements. Her support and guidance allowed our business to grow and remain profitable. 

- Dana and George Svec

I had the pleasure of working with Beatrice for several years.  Her qualities of hard work, dedication and continuous efforts for process improvement made her stand out from other accountants.  The easy part is reporting numbers, but the value she added was ensuring even the least financially sophisticated users understood them.  

- Michael Schutz, CPA, CA - CFO

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